Platform where any type of retail waste is available for upcycling
we connect retailers with local creators to make unique upcycled items.

How it works for retailers
PLACE waste
identify the waste they have available and place it on platform.
SELL waste
sell / give away the waste
or order different upcycled products made from their waste

We take any waste that could be upcycled.
For example: + marketing promo materials, +overproduction, +production leftovers, +sample materials.
How it works for creators*
buy or get materials for free
design and sell upcycled products on our marketplace
or TAKE an order
work on a specific project ordered by company owning the waste

* designers, fashion designers, small companies, anybody who do upcycling.

What we stand for?
We help companies to add into their sustainability goals
We are marketplace where any type of waste is available for upcycling
We simplify materials sourcing for creators
Buy waste availiable for upcycling
Ready to join?
If you are a company or creator in a search of material, willing to join our efforts to make the world more sustainable, please leave your mail and we will contact you.
LAUNCHING This Winter!
Full-scale matching platform between "Waste" providers and "Waste" upcyclers will be launched this Winter!
Stay tuned!

Meet the team
We are two people making this startup. Do not hesitate to write us with any questions and ideas!
Galina Gorshkova
Inspirational Co-founder
Elena Avramenko
Motivational Co-Founder
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